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Why is Mattress Recycling so Important?

Posted January 18th, 2021 in Article

The mattress industry has grown over recent years with the types of mattresses available to consumers expanding to fulfill every individual’s particular sleep needs. Mattresses now range from latex, memory foam, and innerspring, to waterbed, hybrid, air and futon.

Mattress are Replaced every 8 Years

As well as an increase in the types of mattresses out there, more and more people are choosing to change their mattresses more regularly following various advertising campaigns suggesting they need replacing after eight years. Research conducted by Dreams in 2016 revealed that 76% of people’s mattresses were less than eight years old. However, this myth of having to change your mattress after eight years needs to be dispelled.

Plenty of mattresses are able to last longer than this, and is all very dependent on how well a person treats their mattress. As a result of the increases in replacement of mattresses, it’s more important than ever that retailers are called upon to change the way end user waste is dealt with, to help create Britain’s much needed circular economy.

Responsible Mattress Disposal 

Mattresses are notoriously problematic to recycle due to their bulky nature and the difficulties in transporting them in large quantities. Figures show that only a small percentage of mattresses are recycled responsibly, with 7.5 million discarded to landfill sites – which is usually the cheapest, quickest and easiest option.

The Mattress Recycling People can Collect AND Recycle your old mattress

The majority of consumers simply don’t realise that every part of their mattress has the potential to be recycled. Our service takes the pain away of getting rid of your old bed or mattress, plus it’s a sustainable solution which stops your mattress ending up in landfill.

We’re now proud to offer a mattress collection & recycling service to all households across the UK.​